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According to the Carbon Trust, introducing smart energy meters can actually save you money. Last year, they undertook smart energy metering trials and the results showed that smart energy meters, when combined with consumption data and energy-saving advice, gave average savings of 12% a year.

Here are some of the advantages of Smart Metering

    • Eliminate estimated energy bills
    • Understand where, when and how you consume energy
    • Receive up-to-date usage analysis
    • Receive 100% accurate bills from your energy supplier
    • Potential to move to improved tariff
    • Get access to your own real-time energy consumption data
    • Reduce your carbon footprint
    • Claim financial incentives for cutting carbon
    • Cut your costs
    • Meet environmental targets and ambitions and avoid future government penalties
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We offer the most comprehensive smart metering service available in the market today:
  • The provision, installation and servicing of approved smart metering technology for electricity and gas.
  • A top-performing meter reading and data collection service
  • A market-leading online reporting service for all your energy and carbon data


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